Sara Night

Berlin-born singer Sara Night, known for her unique vocal ability and fashionable style, is no stranger to the stage and has been blazing a trail since the age of 10. Appearing in local talent shows and school performances it was clear even back then that she was headed for greatness as she started producing & writing her own music. The successful independent release of her debut EP "No Filter" in 2018, has had fans awaiting on the edge of their seats for her next project. In 2020 the young fashionista attracted the interest of New York City based Record Label "Autrumn Records" after being endorsed by Coca Cola at her bold performance in-front of of 700,000 spectators at the Berlin Coke Festival. Sara Night is a 3 dimensional Artist: she writes and produces her own songs and has a big love for dancing. In 2021 Sara Night is striving to create a new wave of music that "hits you right in the heart" her arrival in the music industry and her up and coming single is just the beginning of this bright young superstar career!